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Fighting the Flying Circus

Eddie Rickenbacker
pubblicato da Tales End Press

Prezzo online:

One of the best first-hand accounts of air combat in World War I, by an American "ace of aces." Eddie Rickenbacker had an extraordinary career: inventor, race car driver, fighter ace, Medal of Honor winner, and finally president of Eastern Air Lines. In this book he recounts how he achieved 26 confirmed kills in less than a year of combat on the Western Front, rising from the ranks to lead the famed "Hat-in-the-Ring" squadron. Early pilots had to contend with primitive engines, unreliable guns, no parachutes, no oxygen, and wings that could tear off in a dive. Just surviving was a daily challenge, and Rickenbacker saw many friends and comrades die through no fault of their own. In this book he unflinchingly explains all of the errors that he made in combat, and how he learned to become a better dogfighter. He also gives the reader a glimpse of the tremendous psychological pressure that came from being America's leading ace - every previous holder had been shot down - and from his own leadership style of leading from the front. This ebook edition includes an active table of contents and 17 photographs, maps, and combat illustrations.

Table of Contents:
  I. Introducing "Archy"
  II. The Aerodrome
  III. Our First Sorties
  IV. Downing My First Hun
  V. Jimmy Meissner Strips His Wings
  VI. Jimmy Hall's Last Fight
  VII. New Responsibilities
  VIII. A Victory and a Narrow Escape
  IX. Down in Flames
  X. Lufbery is Killed
  XI. Squadron Festivities
  XII. Jimmy Meissner Again
  XIII. America's First Ace
  XIV. Rumpler Number 16
  XV. Campbell's Last Fight
  XVI. Becoming an Ace
  XVII. A Perplexing Bank of Fog
  XVIII. Strafing the Drachen
  XIX. The Ch√Ęteau-Thierry Salient
  XX. The Death of Quentin Roosevelt
  XXI. The Flying Circus Scores Heavily
  XXII. Our Spads Arrive
  XXIII. Back Close to Verdun
  XXIV. The St. Mihiel Drive
  XXV. American Ace of Aces
  XXVI. Captain of the Hat-in-the-Ring Squadron
  XXVII. An Eventful "D" Day
  XXVIII. Frank Luke Strafes His Last Balloon
  XXIX. A Night-Mission
  XXX. A Day's Work - Six Victories
  XXXI. "Seeing the War"
  XXXII. A Regular Dog-Fight
  XXXIII. An Aeroplane Movie Show
  XXXIV. An Over-Zealous Ally
  XXXV. The End Draws Near
  XXXVI. Last Victory of the Great War
  Official Victories of the 94th Aero Squadron


Generi Storia e Biografie » Storia militare

Editore Tales End Press

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 11/08/2012

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781623580414

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Fighting the Flying Circus

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