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By LucidVille

New Mythology In Film, Expressionism And A Touch Of Insane, The Supernatural Genre, Factories Of Empathy, When Worlds Collide - Voyeurism!

We all like voluntarily entering into the lives of fictional characters and follow their paths of progress or their fictional obstacles. We identify, we sympathise, we align ourselves with any traces of similarities with these 'Characters in the Movie World'

The power of 'Manipulation' has shown its face, (or deleted its face) over and over through time. Whether for politics/propaganda, mischievous altering of the truth, cunning advertising etc. For example: Lenin deleting Trotsky from an important photo of them 'both' was to an extent rubbing Trotsky out of history (in the mass's eyes). Hence 'The importance of Knowledge' gives power back to the viewer

What Lies Beneath is the perfect hint of a shadow of Hitchcock, setting up a more updated horror / suspense-thriller with no doubt a rock-like stability of an old genius. Very quickly into this film we are nostalgically placed inside a world full of spooky neighbourhood voyeurism, not at all unlike Rear Window


"Somehow you seem to know exactly what I'm thinking on. Your writings are always directly correlated to my daily experiences. Interesting to say the least" NealHanson

"This is so magical" RiseMyVibe

- More Inside

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