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Finding Your Ancestors Simplified

Carol A. Wirth
pubblicato da Carol A. Wirth

Prezzo online:

A Book for the Curious,

Amateur and Serious Genealogists

A Simple Guide To Finding Your Ancestors

Are you a genealogist looking for background information? Do you want to know more about your ancestors? Ancestors are more than just a name and date. Are you wondering how to get started? Do you want ideas on how to find missing pieces in your family tree?

The author, Carol A. Wirth included a genealogy section in her earlier ebook entitled THE WORLD OF YOUR ANCESTORS - GENERAL INFORMATION - VOLUME 3. Using that data as a starting point, she expanded and simplified the investigation process to aid family tree researchers. You will find valuable data and gain insight into what to expect during your genealogy search.

FINDING YOUR ANCESTORS SIMPLIFIED suggests possible topic areas to make exploring your family tree easier than ever before. Are you confused about what records are available or where to find them? The author shares valuable insight into records like church, cemetery, county and town plat, foreign, military and tax.

Learn more about census reports, death assets and social security. Did you know you can access old newspapers to find wedding, birth or death data? Their details can make you feel you attended the event (wedding, reception, anniversary party). Do you know how dates, language and boundaries can complicate your investigation?

Are you curious about names in your family tree? Get background about how names and surnames came to be. Discover what it was like to be an immigrant coming to America and applying for early naturalization. Each result can give you a peek into your ancestor's lives.

You can seek out as few or many of you want.

You will also get ideas and advice about sharing and saving your history, evaluating your findings and keeping an open mind. Review some pros and cons about DNA testing.

FINDING YOUR ANCESTORS SIMPLIFIED is an easy way to find where to get data you seek and how to understand it. Information included can eliminate some confusion, stress and save you time. Any research topic area can contain clues to learn something new or update your family tree grids and biographies. Enjoy your genealogy journey.

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Finding Your Ancestors Simplified

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