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*** Campbell Award Nominee Author for Fire Sanctuary***

Poised between empires, the people of Nuala are survivors. They have fought the deadly radiation levels of their world, battling frightening mutations and genetic shift.

An Axis Empire soldier is about to marry a Nualan princess. But there are those who would kill to keep an Axis warrior from marrying a Nualan . . . and those who think it's the perfect smoke screen to keep anyone from noticing where the border is about to shift.

Nuala means survival. Survival against all odds, all enemies, all fortune.

They're going to have to prove it.



"much upheaval, much intrigue, and much romance. . .a particularly fine mix." LOCUS Magazine

"Both the world and its inhabitants held me absolutely spellbound through two successive readings. Kimbriel was nominated for the John Campbell Award on the strength of this, her first novel. She didn't win it, but...the prize would have been richly deserved." Science Fiction and Fantasy Forum

"FIRE SANCTUARY is an excellent novel, full of believable characters, interesting challenges, cross-cultural romance, and a goodly amount of action. Really, the only bad thing about FIRE SANCTUARY is this it needs a sequel. Grade: A." Shiny Book Review

"An ambitious book, at once a cultural extrapolation, a love story, and the struggle for control of an unusual planet. A tale of loyalties, intrigue, actionentwining the fates of people and worlds."  Roger Zelazny, author of The Chronicles of Amber




Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Fantascienza , Fantasy Horror e Gothic » Fantascienza

Editore Book View Cafe

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 05/11/2013

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781611380569

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Fire Sanctuary

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