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Please let me introduce you to Judith AM Denton. Placed in Foster Care at the age of 9, growing up through the system, Judith experienced exclusions from School and College, a run in with the Law, and then as a Care Leaver, she experienced a period of poor Mental Health.

But thankfully her story doesn't end there.

In this real-life narrative, Judith openly details the challenges faced and overcome, at every stage of her journey through and out of the Foster Care System. You'll also find `Messages' she has penned to inspire hope to Children In Care and Care Leavers, along with `Messages' to Foster Carers, Social Workers, School Staff and our Government, a call to action, to make the urgent changes she believes is needed to help improve the outcomes and life chances of our Looked After Community.

Now the Founder and CEO of The Transformed You, providing Intervention and Support Mentoring Programmes to improve their outcomes and life chances of Children and Young People in Care and Care Leavers, aged 11 - 25 who have behaviour, emotional and social difficulties, Judith is also a sought-after Keynote Speaker at Social Care Conferences and a member of the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham's Fostering Panel, positioned to help make sure our Children and Young People in Care get the best of Care, and as you read you will be inspired to see and believe that Change Is Possible!

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Foster Care and Me

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