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Foundations for Youth Justice

Anne Robinson
pubblicato da Policy Press

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How can youth justice refocus its attentions on the rights and perspectives of young people in transition? This exciting new book outlines the state of practice now in flux within structures created by New Labour but moving in a different direction under the Coalition Government. With a loosening of rules and prescription, it explores opportunities for a fresh orientation that places young people at the centre and works collaboratively to nurture strengths, competences and capital. The chapters build a picture of the risks and problems that modern society creates for young people, while acknowledging that society must respond when their behaviours legitimately cause risks and problems for others. The burning question is how we do so and this book proposes a critical perspective that leads into a bold, but realistic remodelling of practice. It will be ideal for students of youth justice and criminal justice on foundation, post-qualifying or professional (CPD) courses.


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Foundations for Youth Justice

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