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After I dried myself off, I rubbed baby powder all over my body - trick of the trade. It helps slide the dress on and it helps to keep you from sweating in the vinyl.

Taking the dress down off the hangar, I smelled its rubbery scent. It creaked slightly in my hands as I held it. I pulled it on, each leg easing gradually into the dress. The feeling over it slowly engulfing my legs was erotic, like I was beginning to make love to my dress. I felt myself get wet between my legs.

I pull it higher up my legs, seeing them disappear inside, feeling my legs stretching it slightly, admiring how it brings out the voluptuous tone of my body. As I pull it up over my hips, I feel it come to press against me. I was enjoying putting the dress on a bit more than you'd expect someone would.

I slide the dress upwards, squeezing myself inside it, constricting me, restraining me, making me work for what I want. I pulled it over my arms, sliding into the sleeves, the tightness of it covering me like a security blanket, a rubber blanket, but nonetheless a blanket.

Eventually my hands emerged from the ends of the sleeves, and I pulled the back over my shoulders, settling it into place. Finally I take hold of the full-length zipper and pull it up. It glides upwards, barely making a noise, sealing me inside my new vinyl home.

I slipped my feet into the black vinyl boots that went up to my knees. They also zipped up on the side. The six inch heels made me 5' 11" tall.

I stood in front of my full length mirror and looked over myself. I had never looked so hot before. I had my long black hair with the Bettie Page bangs cascading down to the middle of my back, red lipstick and black eyeliner. The contrast of the red and black against my pale skin made me look very sexy and alluring. I turned myself on.

I looked powerful and dominating. As I moved I can hear and feel the vinyl creak, fighting my movements in a way, but the scent of the vinyl, a scent that is almost a drug in its itself, so intensifying!

In my dress I felt that I could achieve anything, do anything, and most importantly command anything and anyone to do what I wanted.

And tonight, I was................

I undid the straps of the ball gag in Samantha's mouth, leaving the girl gasping for breath. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" Samantha cried out.

I stepped back and slapped her again across the other cheek, a little bit harder this time. Then, I turned back towards her and placed the wet ball gag in her mouth, strapping it behind her head again. "You," I whispered, "are going to run your hands all over your tight little body." I didn't add the part about how she wasn't to get off until I said she could, I wanted her to mess up, because I wanted an excuse to punish her for doing it.

I then walked over behind Samantha's pole and undid the leather straps around her ankles and waist. "Go lie down on the spanking horse," I commanded, pointing to a wooden table behind where Samantha and Melissa had first been standing.

Samantha laid down on the table, staring up at the ceiling. Of course I found something wrong with the way the bitch had done it. "Did I say face up? No, lie on your stomach, bitch!"

"But you didn't say" Samantha started to argue.

I silenced her with a cold glare. "I would hate to think what might happen," I said, "if a bad slut decided to start talking back to me." Samantha quickly shut up, and turned around to lay flat on her stomach.


Generi Non definito

Editore Vince Stead

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 06/08/2015

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781516337644

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From Film Student to Dungeon Mistress

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