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Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering
Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering

Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering

J. Kenneth Shultis - Richard E. Faw
pubblicato da Taylor & Francis Inc

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Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering, Third Edition, presents the nuclear science concepts needed to understand and quantify the whole range of nuclear phenomena. Noted for its accessible level and approach, the Third Edition of this long-time bestselling textbook provides overviews of nuclear physics, nuclear power, medicine, propulsion, and radiation detection. Its flexible organization allows for use with Nuclear Engineering majors and those in other disciplines. The Third Edition features updated coverage of the newest nuclear reactor designs, fusion reactors, radiation health risks, and expanded discussion of basic reactor physics with added examples. A complete Solutions Manual and figure slides for classroom projection are available for instructors adopting the text.

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This is a comprehensive introduction to nuclear science and engineering. It's an ideal book for undergraduate students as a first course in nuclear engineering. The book is well written and the basics are well described for the students. The chapter problems are appropriate to the subject matter and give students good practice examples. This is a really good book for an introductory course on Nuclear Science and Engineering. - Chaitanya Deo, Georgia Institute of Technology The biggest application of nuclear technology is the production of electricity with fission process, one commonly referred as nuclear engineering, which has become a cross-cutting disciplinary by itself. However, nuclear science covers a much broader areas and applications that is beyond the convention domain of nuclear engineering. There are very few books could cover all these topics so well such as this book that starts with fundamental atomic introduction and extends to almost all aspect of nuclear science and engineering topics. Highly recommended as introductory level book to college students and professionals. -L. Raymond Cao, The Ohio State University, Columbus, USA I have used the earlier editions of this book for a number of years and I plan to continue to use it, in the newer edition, this year and beyond. I have found this text to be the best for a solid sophomore/junior level nuclear engineering introductory course. In fact, there is much more content than can be covered in a semester, so I find it to be a good text to have on the shelf as a general reference. -Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar, Idaho State University, USA


Generi Professional & Technical » Engineering » Physics

Editore Taylor & Francis Inc

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 29/09/2016

Pagine 660

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781498769297

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Fundamentals of Nuclear Science and Engineering

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