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pubblicato da Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd

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Randle Siddeley Associates is an internationally known and highly succesful firm of garden and landscape architects, whose work, both private and corporate is to be found all over the world. Focussing on gardens this book will both outline the principles adapted in devising and planning solutions, and then discuss and illustrate a series of specific examples, mainly in the UK but also in Russia and the Middle East. Expensive, elegant and fairly formal, these are luxury gardens for the wealthy client, but the lessons and the principles are universally applicable. Projects include Chelsea Harbour and Wembley Stadium amongst many others.

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A showcase of inspiring gardens in Britain and abroad. House & Garden Whether you've got a small town garden or a rambling country estate, this book will teach you the essential tools of the trade to make the most of your outdoor area. The book features 26 case studies alongside advice on design, planting and materials, lighting and artwork to help you get the garden of your dreams. Build It Expensive, elegant and fairly formal, these are luxury gardens for the wealthy client, but the lessons and the principles are universally applicable. Listed Heritage magazine A wonderful account of some fantastic projects and how Randle has provided design solutions to address various situations that can easily translate into less extravagant projects: making small city gardens appear bigger; privacy; linking gardens to the natural landscape; re-vamping of out-moded design; feng-shui. There is even a valuable chapter on garden lighting written by lighting wizard Sally Storey. The book includes some of Randle's own design graphics and exquisite photographs from eminent people such as Marianne Majerus. It deserves a place on the studio bookshelf - especially of those who wish to work in the high-flying spectrum of design. It deserves a place on the coffee-table too, being a thing of beauty. I can even forgive the reverential tone, because, after all, Randle Siddeley is rather wonderful. English Garden Whether you're after hard-earned garden design advice, want an insight into the life of a landscape gardener or just fancy a peek at some of the world's most sumptuous gardens, Randle's Siddley's Garden has it all. Scotsman Each project is covered in depth and accompanied by beautiful photographs that will have event the least garden-centric starting to sketch out plans. Field Full of sound advice and visual ideas, this book will inspire anyone in the process of creating their own garden. House & Garden


Generi Non definito

Editore Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 05/05/2011

Pagine 224

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780711230781

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