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Cultivating, harvesting, feeding yourself - isn't (a little) the meaning of life?

Everyhting is "ok":

  • Junk food invaded our lives
  • Plastic pollutes our rivers and oceans

So we have to go back to the authentic, the natural. It's urgent!

  • Let's start by changing our habits
  • And (re)start introducing our children to the art of... gardening.
  • What if you propose them another way to discover fruits and vegetables?
  • To appreciate the soil, working it, and to see its fruits?
  • This little guide will help you!
  • Browse the pages and activities written for the youngest and discover together the simple happiness of gardening :-)

We organized children's parties for more than ten years and introduced them to the joy of caring for animals and plants. It is a real joy to share this knowledge with your child :-)

Discovering, reading, talking with your children is always a magical moment of family sharing. It's also a great opportunity to share your experience and create unforgettable memories for you and them :-)

With these useful little guides we want to share with you our pleasant surprises and the pleasure of discovering how to plant (and harvest) fruits and vegetables in your vegetable garden, whether in the garden or on a balcony!

What are you going to find in this little useful guide?

  • 5 sections
  • tips, gestures and tools needed for gardening with your children
  • games, stories and proverbs around the garden
  • easy to grow plants
  • simple recipes to make with the harvest of your work
  • creative and ecological activities

So, ready to garden with your children?


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Gardening with your children

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