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George Clooney 204 Success Facts - Everything you need to know about George Clooney

Kevin McGuire
pubblicato da Emereo Publishing

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George Timothy Clooney' (born May 6, 1961) is an American performer, feature manager, maker, and scriptwriter. He has experienced 3 Golden Globes|Golden Globe Awards for his work as an performer and 2 Academy Awardsone for performing and the other for making. Clooney is as well marked for his governmental vigorous action and has serviced like one of the United Nations Messengers of Peace eversince January 31, 2008.

This book is your ultimate resource for George Clooney. Here you will find the most up-to-date 204 Success Facts, Information, and much more.

In easy to read chapters, with extensive references and links to get you to know all there is to know about George Clooney's Early life, Career and Personal life right away.

A quick look inside: Friends (season 1) - Guest stars, Taylor Hicks - Popular culture, Out of Sight - Plot, Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards 2006 - Winners, The Descendants (film) - Cast, 70th Golden Globe Awards - Series with multiple nominations, Kauai - In films, 85th Academy Awards - Winners and nominees, Syriana - Cast, Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Screen Couple - Worst Screen Couple 1994-1999, Sisters (TV series) - Recurring cast, The Descendants (film) - Plot, Three Kings (1999 film) - Casting, Farragut North (play) - Film adaptation, 2011 Venice Film Festival, David di Donatello for Best Foreign Film - 2000s, 2002 MTV Movie Awards - Best On-Screen Team, Return of the Killer Tomatoes - Production, Jason Reitman - Film career, Smug Alert! - Reception, Leatherheads - Production, 2011 Toronto International Film Festival - Gala Presentations, North Texas Film Critics Association - 2009, Jim Rash - Career, Nick Clooney, George Clooney - Early life, L'Uomo Vogue - Anna Wintour takes over, 1999 in film - R-Z, The Perfect Storm (film) - Cast, Gravity (film), Jon Cryer - Career, The Thin Red Line (1998 film) - Post-production, Anthony Edwards - Career, Melanie Lynskey - 2003-present, and much more


Generi Storia e Biografie » Biografie Diari e Memorie » Biografie e autobiografie

Editore Emereo Publishing

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 25/04/2014

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781488573217

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George Clooney 204 Success Facts - Everything you need to know about George Clooney

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