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Get On Google Front Page

Jason Matthews
pubblicato da Jason Matthews

Prezzo online:

Get on Google's front page with easy SEO tips for online marketing. Simple SEO (search engine optimization) can get any site to the top without spending money.

Discover ways to use keywords, meta descriptions and tags, categories/labels, titles, link-building and more.

Step by step instructions to help your site get on Google front page. Anyone can do this. It costs nothing but a little bit of time.

You'll discover:

the best keywords, both short-tail and long-tail
meta tags with meta description to page source
ways to optimize text and images
URL back-links to other sites
how to monitor visitor's trends
online platform and increase visibility
social media tools (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
how to network with people all over the globe
much more...

Within a few weeks to a few months, you'll see real results and will get to the very first page.

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Get On Google Front Page

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