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Girl Mogul
Girl Mogul

Girl Mogul

by Tiffany Pham
pubblicato da Imprint

Disponibile in 3-4 settimane.
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Girl Mogul is a guide to success. No matter what readers want to achieve, this book can help them define it, envision it, and make it happen. While every path looks different, there are a few key components of becoming a Girl Mogul: confidence, community, and commitment. Tiffany Pham, CEO and founder of Mogul, takes you through her own story of success as a living example of triumph over circumstance. After teaching herself to code and launching as a community for women, she began to receive up to one thousand emails a day from girls around the world looking for advice. Now with Girl Mogul, she offers it to teen girls everywhere, using stories from her own life and from other successful women, to show how there are no limits to what they can do.

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If you know an aspirational teen who's destined for the big leagues, or if you just want to make sure you're doing everything right in today's weird economy, Girl Mogul is the perfect book to help. --Bustle An empowering guide to hustling before you're out of high school. --Kirkus Reviews Solid, realistic, and relatable advice... Whether they're seeking tips on ending a toxic relationship or achieving world domination... teens will find useful encouragement in this worthy addition to the self-actualization canon. --Booklist The writing is clear and friendly, and attractively packaged... especially useful for enthusiastic go-getters who are on their way to reaching their goals in life. --School Library Journal Like Eleanor Roosevelt, Tiffany Pham is a mentor and role model for so many young women around the world. Girl Mogul is an inspiring book that provides girls everywhere with the roadmap to achieve success across all areas of life and career, no matter who you are or where you come from. -- Nina Roosevelt Collmer, Great-Granddaughter of Eleanor Roosevelt & President Franklin D. Roosevelt Tiffany has written an inspiring manual for a whole new generation of girls to make their dreams a reality. Girl Mogul teaches us that no matter what obstacles we face, anything is within reach. -- Arlan Hamilton, Founder & Managing Partner of Backstage Capital Girl Mogul is a beautiful and inspiring guide for girls to know that any dream is possible with hard work, confidence, and determination. Whether wanting to build a company or run for President, this book is a powerful roadmap for creating success in all the areas of your life. -- Kiersten Rich, Founder of The Blonde Abroad


Generi Children » Personal & Social Issues

Editore Imprint

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 02/04/2019

Pagine 224

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781250298966

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Girl Mogul

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