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Golf: Golf Success- Beginners Guide, Mindset & Play better Golf

Jack Johnson
pubblicato da Zac Dixon

Prezzo online:

Golf is one game that can be enjoyable but sometimes it can be the hardest game in the world. Being a single figure golfer myself I thought I'd write a book on the past 15+ years of experience that I have got. I talked to alot of people and I have had professional coaches that have coached me on my swing and also mind. I have had some amazing breakthroughs through my journey and would love to share the tips that have given me a significant edge over others.

This book is great for beginners so they can start with the right mindset and will also give you tools on how to improve your game. I have been around golf my whole life and I see the big mistakes that people make when first starting and also as they get more advanced. If you want to become a golfer or wants some professional starting tips then purchase this book and lets get started.

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Golf: Golf Success- Beginners Guide, Mindset & Play better Golf

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