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Greek and Roman Education
Greek and Roman Education

Greek and Roman Education

Mark Joyal - J.C Yardley - Iain McDougall
pubblicato da Taylor & Francis Ltd

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Modern western education finds its origins in the practices, systems and schools of the ancient Greeks and Romans. It is in the field of education, in fact, that classical antiquity has exerted one of its clearest influences on the modern world. Yet the story of Greek and Roman education, extending from the eighth century B.C. into the Middle Ages, is familiar in its details only to relatively few specialists. Containing nearly 300 translated texts and documents, Greek and Roman Education: A Sourcebook is the first book to provide readers with a large, diverse and representative sample of the primary evidence for ancient Greek and Roman education. A special feature of this Sourcebook is the inclusion not only of the fundamental texts for the study of the subject, but also unfamiliar sources that are of great interest but are not easily accessible, including inscriptions on stone and Greek papyri from Egypt. Introductions to each chapter and to each selection provide the guidance which readers need to set the historical periods, themes and topics into meaningful contexts. Fully illustrated and including extensive suggestions for further reading, together with an index of passages explored, students will have no further need for any other sourcebook on Greek and Roman education.

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'This excellent collection of ancient documents from the Greek and Latin, ranging from the Mycenaean period (eighth century BCE) through the end of antiquity, is a boon to any student or scholar of the classical Western world or the history of education, and is currently the only sourcebook on this topic.' -- G. J. Reece, American University, Choice, Vol. 46, No. 09, May 2009 'This is a first-class sourcebook and an excellent introduction to ancient education. Wide-ranging, stimulating, and backed by the profound scholarship of its editors, it gives students a firm grip on the subject and an ideal starting point for further study.' -- Sehepunkte


Generi Social Sciences » Education & Teaching

Editore Taylor & Francis Ltd

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 26/08/2008

Pagine 300

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780415338073

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Greek and Roman Education

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