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Now a days, words like Green Living, sustainable lifestyle or carbon footprint get touted around. Not a day goes by without hearing news on some environmental concern- be it about industrial waste affecting the quality of our water bodies or global warming; which has been found responsible for our erratic weather patterns and many natural disasters around the world!

A question comes up for many people- what can I really do about this? Of course, I can be more informed and elect appropriate government leaders that will work towards our better future- but what can I do at a personal level? How can I make small changes in my own lifestyle that will allow me to live a truly "Green" life- a lifestyle that is not only healthy for me, but is also in-sync with nature and will leave a smaller carbon footprint. This book addresses such a question. It provides a brief understanding on Green Living and sustainable lifestyle, while also providing thought-provoking informative essays on various aspects of a Green Lifestyle- such as organic foods, sustainable fair trade and so on.

A wise person once said "We do not inherit this earth from our parents, but we borrow it from our children". We hope that the reader will use information in this book as a helpful start on their journey towards a more conscious way of living. That they will modify their lifestyle choices in a manner that allows them to lead a healthy, fulfilling life for themselves, while also ensuring a "Greener" tomorrow for everyone.

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Green Living Simplified: A Guide to Good Health, Chemical-free Lifestyle and a Smaller Carbon Footprint

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