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Let's face it, H.G. Wells has written not only some of the finest science fiction nevels of all time but so many of his books have been spot on for making predictions.
The books included in this amazing collection have predicted nuclear weapons, Genetic engineering, laser weapons, the Second World War, the Moon Landing, Inter-planetary warfare, Invisibility, and time travel.
This is why I have choen the following books:
Wells' The time machine carrying the traveler and reaches about 800000 years ahead of the traveller's era. When he gets out of the time machine, he could see humanoid creatures called Elois. Ironically Elois are harmless and gives him fruits to eat. After brief exploration of the area, he comes back and shocked to see the Time machine is not there. He becomes friendly with Elois and save one of them called Weena from drowning.
In search of the time machine, he ends up reaching an area where deadly creatures called Morlocks live. Morlocks resist removing the time machine and they start fighting with him. He accidently opens up firing and many Morlocks are killed. Unfortunately his friend Weena also becomes a victim of the firing.
Escaping from the Morlocks, the traveller starts travelling again and sees indifferent things like giant crabs, motionless sky and thin air. After this he travels back to his era and get out the time machine. Next day he again starts travelling in the time machine and it seems never return back home.

H.G. Wells, one of the self claimed social prophets expressed his thoughts on the effects of scientific advancement in human lives, which changed the way the business and life getting moved without the right disintegrating elements. He also foresee the present form of democracy can not lead the society to acceptable change and a new republic could be the necessary solution.

What could happen if human can develop a material which can overpowers force of gravity. H. G. Wells conceived this fact and narrates it through his space opera The First Men in the Moon. London business man Bedford is looking to overcome his financial crisis, meets Mr. Cavor, a physicist who had invented a revolutionary material named Cavorite which can negate the force of gravity. Before they start commercial production of Cavorite, they get transported to moon by the premature Cavorite. Their adventure at moon is a thrilling story to read on. When the story unfolds, it is stated that Cavor is captured by Selenties, the civilization in the moon and his messages are received by Bedford at earth.
Wells' science fiction novel The World Set Free explores the everlasting effects of destruction caused by nuclear weapons. Man is a fire-making animal and keep on discovering unconventional energy sources without considering the vulnerabilities of misusing such forms of energy. It would be horrifying to realize that the negating the effects of nuclear wastes would take decades, if not centuries. The author's knowledge on the subject is supported by his well earned knowledge on atomic physics.

The war of the worlds is a science fiction novel by H.G.Wells. Martians came, conquered and finally succumbed to bacterias. We, the humans think, we are the king of the earth over all living creatures. This novel breaks our thinking of supremacy over the earth. This science fiction is written in two parts as the invasion (The coming of the Martians) and Control (The Earth under the Martians) by the Martians over the earth. In fact this novel was published, when human were not equipped to fly.
The novel is written as narrated by unnamed protagonist. Unidentifiable cylindrical objects are appearing in the earth. Martians coming out of it look like monsters with a bear size, oily bro


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Fantasy » Fantascienza , Fantasy Horror e Gothic » Fantascienza

Editore In The New Age, Llc.

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 04/01/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230003016077

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