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Would you like to create beautiful flower decorations with metallic effect by using the half stroke nail art technique?

Half stroke method comes from one stroke painting, but instead of using one stroke, we alter the method to use just half of what it is. Meaning, half stroke is just a simplification of one stroke without losing the overall effect. Half stroke is a nail art technique no one really knows. We are the first experimenting with it and trying it out. You'll see how it's applied in this nail art book tutorial. For best results, please follow the step by step pictures and instructions to make it all work.

In fact, you'll learn exactly what it takes to create the flower decoration from beginning to end on the cover of this book. More importantly, you'll learn how to create such decorations and how they could last longer along with the metallic effect.

You'll also learn a small secret of how to use metallic effect onto the nails without getting wrinkles and more.

If you are fan of acrylic painting, nail art flowers and designs, or if you are looking for some fresh nail art ideas, this tutorial is for You.

Grab your copy now!

P.S. Tanya Angelova, the author of this nail art book, has been featured on NAILS Magazine in 2012 and 2016. She has been working in the nail art industry since 2007. Tanya is dedicated to help others succeed in the industry and why not this to be you.


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Half Stroke Nail Art Technique: How to Create Half Stroke Flowers with Metallic Effect?

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