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Handbook for Stopping Alzheimer's

Eric Rosenblatt
pubblicato da Eric Rosenblatt

Prezzo online:

This is a book about stopping the progression to Alzheimer's. Depending on your APOE genes, which you can find via 23andMe, but also from other groups, there are medications which appear in human studies to stop cognitive decline. I personally have the riskiest genes, two of the APOE4 type, and, at age 67, my decline has already started. If I do nothing, I will probably die in a few years like my father, grandmother, and uncle before me. As doctors can only offer a handful of drugs, intended to manage me and not the disease, I scoured the literature for two years for ways to prolong my life and intellect. By literature, I do not mean casual websites or books by celebrity doctors. I mean journal articles, from well-known and respected journals, that have passed the scrutiny of editors and other published and trustworthy scientists.

To my surprise, I found at least four medicines that show evidence of helping stop Alzheimer's for people with my gene variation, as shown in human studies carefully evaluated in responsible journals. Two of the four that I now take also apply to people with only a single APOE4 gene. While only about a quarter of the population are carriers of the APOE4 gene, we make up the bulk of Alzheimer's victims. Finally, at least one of these medicines appears may slow or stop mental decline in everybody, regardless of genes. I also discuss other medications that have shown good results in human experiments, as well as practices that are shown empirically to speed or delay progression to Alzheimer's, such as avoiding sleep apnea.

I am not a medical doctor, nor did I have a hand in the development of any of these medicines. All I can do is try to communicate, for free of course, what I have found. Unlike at least one famous celebrity physician, who provides exactly zero evidence that his protocol can help you, I provide all evidence I have. You can also read the articles I am describing. If all this is too hard for you, perhaps you can have someone you trust read this book or those papers. Also, please keep mind that I have a Ph.D., not an MD. I can not tell you what to do or write you a prescription. I can only tell you what I have read and what I choose to do for myself.

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Handbook for Stopping Alzheimer

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