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Hiplet: Bridging the Rhythms of Ballet and Hip-Hop

Thalassa Veil
pubblicato da Sas155

Prezzo online:

Join us on a captivating journey into the rhythmic realm where classical grace meets urban flair; a world where tradition and innovation harmonize to create the groundbreaking dance phenomenon known as Hiplet. "Hiplet: Bridging the Rhythms of Ballet and Hip-Hop" takes you into the rich history, vibrant evolution and cultural significance of this enchanting dance form.

Most important features:

  • Origins and Evolution: Discover Hiplet's roots in the busy streets of Chicago and follow the evolution of this dance style as it defies convention and seamlessly combines the elegance of ballet with the energy of hip-hop.
  • Special Movements: Delve into the intricacies of Hiplet's signature movements and choreography. From pirouettes with urban flair to rhythmic isolations, discover the nuanced expressions that define the fusion and speak the language of Hiplet with confidence.
  • Global Impact: Learn about Hiplet's international rise as it transcends geographic boundaries and captures the hearts of audiences around the world. Dive into remarkable performances and collaborations on global stages and explore the cross-cultural exchange that defines this dance revolution.
  • The Creative Intersection: Discover how Hiplet extends beyond the dance studio and mixes with fashion, music and other creative fields. Unravel the collaborations with renowned designers, the symbiotic relationship with various music genres and the dynamic energy that inspires interdisciplinary synergy.
  • Cultural Movement: Dive into the cultural significance of Hiplet as a movement that embodies diversity, inclusion and empowerment. Read the personal stories of people who have embraced Hiplet as an indispensable element in their lives.
  • The future of Hiplet: Imagine with us about the future of Hiplet and its potential impact on the dance world. Discover emerging trends, interdisciplinary collaborations and technological integrations that promise to shape the evolution of this innovative dance form.

"Hiplet: Bridging the Rhythms of Ballet and Hip-Hop" invites dance enthusiasts, students and curious minds to enter Hiplet's vibrant dance floor. Immerse yourself in this unique dance style that defies expectations, celebrates diversity and ensures the enduring appeal of Hiplet as a bridge between classical and contemporary dance forms.

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Generi Cinema e Spettacolo » Danza e altri spettacoli » Balletto e danza

Editore Sas155

Formato Ebook (senza DRM)

Pubblicato 17/11/2023

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9798223741374

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Hiplet: Bridging the Rhythms of Ballet and Hip-Hop

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