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History Of Computers

IntroBooks Team
pubblicato da IntroBooks

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Since the time human beings took birth on the earth, tremendous changes have been observed in all phases of life. One such aspect was the phase of the technology itself. Technology has advanced itself beautifully and has made the work of humans easier. Like for instance, earlier people used to keep track of all the readings in the journal in handwritten format, but now there are many different types of computer applications available for doing the same. Similarly, primitive people made use of the bones and sticks to perform simple mathematical calculations, and now it's just a calculator away, which you can find on your smartphones as well.

Computers form an integral part of our lifestyle. These are used for work purposes, entertainment purposes, gaming purposes, data storing purposes, file creating sorting and managing, and so on.

Earlier, the computers used to be big and occupied a lot of space and used to be very costly, could store only a minute amount of data, consumed a high amount of energy, and dissipated a large amount of heat. But, over time, as the technology evolved and the advancements took place, the size of the computer lessened, they began to be available at low prices in the market, energy consumption was reduced, heat dissipation was decreased, etc.

The computer will not be able to work until and unless it has been programmed.

Computer is defined as a programmable electronic device that intakes raw data as input and processes the information with the help of programs and gives the final result as output. Charles Babbage is called the 'Father of Computer". The first working mechanical computer was designed by Charles Babbage that was known as the Analytical Engine. Read-only memory was used as punch cards in this computer.

There are specific parts without which the computers cannot function efficiently, namely- CPU, Software, Motherboard, Read-only memory, Random Access Memory, and Secondary Storage.


Generi Informatica e Web » Aspetti etici e legali dell'informatica

Editore Introbooks

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 15/09/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781393599081

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History Of Computers

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