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Hollywood Screenwriting Directory Spring/Summer

Dinah Perez - Jesse Douma
pubblicato da F+W Media

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Ready to submit your screenplay but not sure about the logistics? With over 4,000 listings for Industry insiders such as studios, production companies, and independent financiers, this handy directory gives you the scoop on query letters, treatments and much more. Plus, the Legal 411 for Screenwriters section by entertainment attorney Dinah Perez is well worth the cost of the book.

Get a head start with:

  • Correct addresses and info for buyers (more than 4,000 listings!)
  • The top ways to write and format loglines, treatments and query letters
  • Inside screenwriting intel
  • The legalities of screenwriting and more from Dinah Perez!

It's true that contact information in Hollywood can change in the blink of an eye. You'll benefit from the updates to more than 50 percent of last year's listings. Also new are Facebook profiles, email addresses and more.

What Matters to You
Tons of information is included because so many things go into a successful submission. Browse information such as:

  • Verified contact details, so you can email, phone or stop by in person
  • Packaging your submission for best results
  • Script format
  • Who receives unsolicited work
  • The legalities that go into each stage of the screenwriting and production process
  • How each financier, production company or studio wants submissions


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Hollywood Screenwriting Directory Spring/Summer

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