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Homes with Heart

Ruth Frost
pubblicato da She Writes Press

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So much of our world today is crying out for welcome, refuge, and belonging. Homes with Heart is both inspiration and guide for people to create home in the world: first, through their own living spaces; second, within families of choice; and third, through supportive communities. While author Ruth Frost includes elements of home design, she also delves deeply into making home in the world through the power of love in community and offers practical tools to help people overcome obstacles associated with home living, such as homes obstructed by clutter, homes associated with traumatic events, or homes that need to support families in transition.

Sharing both from Frost's own life experience and that of others including children, refugees, trauma survivors, and home hospice patients Homes with Heart extends well beyond "bricks and mortar"; it deals with who we are and how we live in the world within and beyond the walls that shelter us, inspiring laughter and tears in equal measure.

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Homes with Heart

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