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How Mr Rabbit Lost His Tail (Illustrated)

Albert Bigelow Paine
pubblicato da Reading Bear Publications

Prezzo online:

How Mr. Rabbit Lost His Tail is another great collection of Hollow Tree Stories by Albert Paine. The featured story is how Mr. Rabbit lost his long tail, and what he tried to do about it. The other stories are equally cute. They include Mr. Dog plays Santa Claus; Mr. Dog at the circus; When Mr. 'Coon was a Little Boy; and How the Other Rabbits Lost Their Tails. Central to the stories are 26 illustrations by J. M. Condé, rejuvenated.

Albert Bigelow Paine (10 July 1861 - 9 April 1937) was an American author and biographer best known for his work with Mark Twain. Paine was a member of the Pulitzer Prize Committee and wrote in several genres, including fiction, humour, and verse.

Paine was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts and was moved to Bentonsport, Iowa when one year old. From early childhood until early adulthood, Paine lived in the village of Xenia in southern Illinois; here he received his schooling. At the age of twenty, he moved to St. Louis, where he trained as a photographer, and became a dealer in photographic supplies in Fort Scott, Kansas. Paine sold out in 1895 to become a full-time writer, moving to New York. He spent most of his life in Europe, including France where he wrote two books about Joan of Arc. This work was so well received in France that he was awarded the title of Chevalier in the Légion d'honneur by the French government. Paine was married to Dora and had three daughters.


Generi Bambini e Ragazzi » Scienza e Natura » Natura » Animali domestici

Editore Reading Bear Publications

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 29/08/2016

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230001226157

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How Mr Rabbit Lost His Tail (Illustrated)

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