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How To Make Kitchen Cabinets (Best of American Woodworker)
How To Make Kitchen Cabinets (Best of American Woodworker)

How To Make Kitchen Cabinets (Best of American Woodworker)

Randy Johnson
pubblicato da Fox Chapel Publishing

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This is an 'everything but the kitchen sink' guide to building kitchen cabinets and making simple, but impressive kitchen upgrades from the experts at American Woodworker. It helps readers learn how to make cabinets from plywood, how to make many styles of cabinet door including popular cathedral doors, how to build and install drawers, which hardware to choose, how to make and edge laminate countertops and how to install the completed results. All the information is reader-tested, authoritative and current with contemporary workshop practices. It includes small projects such as simple kitchen upgrades, plus an appliance garage, a kitchen stool and a freestanding pantry, taken from 35 articles that have appeared in the magazine.

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From simple kitchen cabinet up-grades to gutting the kitchen and starting over, this is the book you will be referring to. From the first sketches to the finishing touches the American Woodworker writers have it all covered and beautifully illustrated. The book is rife with ideas and shortcuts to make your new kitchen both beautiful and efficient. You'll find ideas like making the perfect joint in plastic laminate, utilizing every inch of space like the toe kick. Brad Holden shows you how to add roll-outs in existing or new cabinets while Tim Johnson shows you how to select and install those European hinges. Made a mistake? Throughout the book you will find ways to repair them and how to avoid them in the first place. This one is a keeper! How to Make Kitchen Cabinets is a collection of articles from past issues of American Woodworker. ...the book also includes a separate chapter on hinges and hardware and has a chapter with kitchen projects including custom made crown molding, a kitchen stool, and an appliance garage. So if you are ready to make a new kitchen, these books might be right for you. 'This manual offers guidance on building, upgrading and installing you own kitchen cabinets.'


Generi Home & Garden » House & Home

Editore Fox Chapel Publishing

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 01/04/2011

Pagine 256

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781565235069

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How To Make Kitchen Cabinets (Best of American Woodworker)

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