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How the Working Class Can Help the Middle Class

Charles Morris
pubblicato da Vandeplas Publishing LLC

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The American middle class is currently in a state of jeopardy. We are in need of a powerful robust labor movement to reverse the economic inequality we are facing in the U.S.and this may be our last opportunity in the foreseeable future to do so.

In How the Working Class Can Help the Middle Class: Reintroducing Non-Majority Collective Bargaining to the American Workplace, Charles Morris brings forth the compelling argument that the best means to restore economic balance and support for the American middle class is by promoting and reestablishing the long-forgotten process of non-majority collective bargaining. That process, which can be made available without further legislation, is based on extensive studies and widespread support for its legal foundation. How the Working Class Can Help the Middle Class also illustrates how employer opposition has stalled these efforts and why we must significantly move toward a revival of a strong and healthy labor movement to provide a better life for the middle classnow.

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How the Working Class Can Help the Middle Class

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