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How to Draw: An Amazing Step By Step Drawing Guide for Absolute Beginners

Gary Phillips
pubblicato da Amazing Publisher

Prezzo online:

As children, art is a way of expressing the fountains of imagination bubbling within us. Our favorite tool of the trade, so to speak, is a crayon, and our messy lines and squiggles translate into masterpieces in our parents' eyes. Then, as we grow up, art becomes a waste of time. We say that we're awful at art, that we can't draw anything other than a stick figure. We don't want to embarrass ourselves in front of other people, so we put away the crayon and pick up skills we feel will benefit us more in life. But, again, is art impractical? Is it useless?

Without art, our world would not be the same. Art is creativity. It is freedom of expression. It is beauty, and it is emotion. It speaks to people, and doesn't touch a single person the same way. So why not drawing? Even if you might have had a busy, stressful day, you can feel all of that stress melt away with the quiet tranquility of drawing. It can be a simple 10 minute sketch or an hours-long event once every Sunday for some alone time. It's entirely up to you. All it take is time, and in return you can create works of art that will last forever. You can hang these up around the house or it can substitute for a thoughtful gift over some generic, store bought gift card. Drawing is an act of pure creation, and it can effectively convey your emotions to someone in a way far more personalized and intimate than words can.

And much more!

So take that step into a world of limitless creation, and change your life forever!

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How to Draw: An Amazing Step By Step Drawing Guide for Absolute Beginners

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