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How to Make Your Own Free Website: And Your Free Blog Too

Jason Matthews
pubblicato da Jason Matthews

Prezzo online:

Want your own website or to learn how to blog? How does a free website builder with no monthly cost sound? You can do this; it's easy for anyone to create a website and begin blogging with hosts like Wordpress and Blogger--even if you don't know anything about web design.
There's no need to learn HTML coding because it's simple with WYSIWYG editing (what you see is what you get). This book is written in terms anyone can understand from the computer beginner to advanced users who will benefit from extra advice.
With this guide you'll learn to:
make free websites
make free blogs
customize your widgets
sell with PayPal buttons
drive traffic with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus
maximize SEO (search engine optimization)
rise in Google-Bing rankings
submit articles and press releases
grow an email list of contacts
and much more
Plus it's easy, fun and makes the most of entirely free tools. You are guaranteed to save time, money and effort. Today is the day to jump-start your online presence and make your own free website!


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How to Make Your Own Free Website: And Your Free Blog Too

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