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"Finding the right mentor is key. Their guidance can save you years of struggle. Ram's book is far and away the single best resource I've seen on the topic. It's not if you will buy this book it's when."  - Chase Jarvis, Founder and CEO, CreativeLive

"Mentorship is an essential part of growing as a designer - and, really, as a human being - but it's not a topic that's well covered within design circles. Ram's book breaks this down in a way that is approachable for anyone, whether they're starting out in their career, developing further, or looking to become a mentor to others." - Ben Fullerton, Design Director, Nike+

"Ram's book provides a deeply thoughtful and practical step-by-step guide to craft your character as a designer. It's a powerful resource that addresses a wide range of readers from design students to design professionals. The best part of this book is that his guidance compels you to act immediately." - Kevin Lee, Global Head of Design, VISA

"Reading through Ram's masterful advice and guidance is a reminder that one should always be in search of mentors - no matter what stage of career or life we find ourselves in. This book will be on my shelf as a constant reminder (and guide) that I will never be done learning from others and growing as a designer." - Nelson Kunkel, National Creative Director, Deloitte Digital


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How to get a mentor as a designer, guaranteed

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