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There's a killer on the streets, and no one is safe

First there was the drowned man, but maybe his death was an accident?

Then there were the decapitated bodies, the burnt girl, the women pursued in the dark. Finally the police have to admit there's a serial killer on the loose and he seems set on revenge. His name is Abel and his crimes are escalating every day.

Dan Flood, Olivia Jones and their two young children are a family at breaking point. The mundane juggle of parenting and work means that the romance is draining away. Living in a community that is growing ever more fearful, just adds to the pressure in their lives.

But when Abel turns his attention on Olivia, only Dan can save her

Bestseller Ross Greenwood's serial killer thriller is perfect for fans of Mark Billingham, Ian Rankin and Peter Robinson.

This book was previously published as ABEL'S REVENGE.

What the bloggers are saying about Hunter:

'That ending! I never in a million years expected to read what I did. It left me really quite shocked.' A Lover Of Books Blog

'I finished this last night and all I will say is wow.... I sat with my jaw on the floor.' Nickibookblog

'I'll just say.. wow, wow, wow. Stunning.' Misfits Farm Book Reviews

'A dark and disturbing psychological thriller.' Bitsaboutbooks Reviews

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