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Hurlyburly and Those the River Keeps

David Rabe
pubblicato da Grove Atlantic

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The landmark American playand its prequelfrom the Tony Award-winning author of Sticks and Bones and In the Boom Boom Room.

Nominated for the Tony Award when it was first produced in 1984, Hurlyburly was immediately hailed as a classic American drama. This edition is the definitive version of David Rabe's most celebrated work, reflecting his continued exploration of the play through several productionsin particular the one he directed in 1988 at the Westwood Playhouse in Los Angelesand his latest thoughts regarding the text.

With Those the River Keeps, the prize-winning playwright embarks on an intense psychological exploration of Hurlyburly's most dangerous and enigmatic character. This edition contains the definitive versions of these works, a foreword in which Rabe examines the interwoven relationship of the plays, and an afterword in which he discusses the process of their construction.

"Fresh, glittering, entertaining, full of wit and blisteringly funny. A stunning comic drama of contemporary life in the Hollywood hills and beyond." USA Today

"Powerfully written . . . dazzling." The New Republic

"Offers some of Rabe's most inventive writing." The New York Times

"Compelling . . . Those the River Keeps' strength is its dialogue, which ranges from staccato nonsense to amorphous bursts of palooka philosophy and raw anguish . . . masterfully rendered." The Boston Phoenix

Praise for David Rabe

"Few contemporary dramatists have dealt with violence, physical and psychological, more impressively than Rabe." Kirkus Reviews

"A remarkable storyteller." Chicago Tribune

"Rabe's mastery of dialogue is the equal of Pinter and Mamet put together." The Boston Globe


Generi Cinema e Spettacolo » Teatro » Testi e critica letteraria

Editore Grove Atlantic

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 26/02/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780802196934

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Hurlyburly and Those the River Keeps

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