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Hundreds of years have passed since William Shakespeare's time. He has left behind nearly a million words of text, but his life is still a mystery. This book is an engaging introduction to a subject that students will certainly encounter many times throughout their educationand their lives.
Lucid language and dramatic illustrations re-create the Bard's world of kings and queens, fairies and potions, and bloody beheadings. It imparts an amazing amount of vivid, interesting material about place, period and background of Shakespeare.
This sweeping account is a biography, a history, and a retelling of some of Shakespeare's most famous playsall in one approachable volume.

Salient Features:
Shakespeare's Early Life
Life as Playwright and Actor
Theatre Companies
Style of Presentation
Last Years of Life
England of Shakespeare's Days
Drama in Shakespeare's Days
Shakespeare's Greatness as a Poet
Shakespeare's Influence
Works of Shakespeare in detail
Principal Facts of Shakespeare's Life

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Illustrated Biography of William Shakespeare

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