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* How this book distinguishes itself in the market and from the other 3 recently published books on the same subject:

It is the the only impeachment-related title that looks at Constitutional law and the history of past impeachments as lessons for understanding our current situation with Donald Trump. Author Alan Hirsch presents a lively and accessible narrative without offering partisan advocacy for Trump's fitness to serve or his potential culpability.

*This book is for the millions of Americans who want to understand impeachment as it relates to Donald Trump.

*Alan Hirsch, a graduate of the Yale Law School, is an expert in Constitutional Law. He was sought after by major media at the time of Clinton's impeachment, including CNN and CSPAN.

*We are pursuing opeds by Alan Hirsch now, starting in 2018, the 150th anniversary of the first presidential impeachment. Our hope is to get him on the rolodexes of producers and editors when looking for an expert on constitutional law.

*Book is timed for publication just before the mid-term elections (November 6, 2018), so that Alan Hirsch can be available for commentary on major media.

*Because of Trump's unpopularity, there is widespread feelings that Republicans will not fare well in the mid-term election cycle, thus giving up Congressional seats to Democrats. This will, perhaps, open the door to those Dems wanting to pursue successful impeachment proceedings given that more of their Party's votes will be available.

*If Robert Mueller's report is released near to or after publication of our book, we will position Hirsch as a commentator for media.

*Book will contain terrific historical imagery from the archives of the Library of Congress including sketches of the first impeachment proceeding, tickets (!) to Clinton's impeachment trial.

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Impeaching the President

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