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Improving Your Writing Craft: A Self Published, Indie Authors Guide

Kevin Tumlinson
pubblicato da Kevin Tumlinson

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You hear that advice from authors of every stripe, usually when they're being pressed in an interview to explain their wild, fantastic, almost unimaginable success. How do you become a mega-bestseller with a multi-picture movie deal and adoring fans worldwide?

"Well, I... just wrote a good book!"

If only it were that easy!

Improving Your Writing Craft can't promise you mega-bestseller success, but it can be your quick and easy guide to getting on track and improving the quality of your writing. This short book (read it in about an hour!) presents tips, insights, and tools for upping your writing game.

In this book you'll learn about:

  • Characterization - The personality traits of the characters in your story
  • Dialogue - The way your characters communicate
  • Point of View - The perspective from which the story is told
  • Pacing - the speed the reader feels while reading
  • Plot - the cause and effect of your story
  • Voice - the style and tone of how you tell your story

And more!


Kevin Tumlinson is an award-winning and bestselling author of more than fifty novels. He is the host of the popular Wordslinger Podcasta weekly show featuring interviews with self publishing experts, authors, and influencers. He is also the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Draft2Digital, and the co-founder of Author.Email and Indie Author Blueprint.

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Improving Your Writing Craft: A Self Published, Indie Authors Guide

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