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Multicultural, Nonsectarian, Nondenominational
Endorsed by Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish Religious Leaders
Finalist, Childrens Books of Distinction AwardHungry Mind Review
A Childrens Book Council Not Just for Children Anymore! Selection
Recommended by Parent Council

Everyone and everything in the world has a name. What is Gods name?

In poetic text and vibrant illustrations, this modern fable celebrates the diversity and, at the same time, the unity of all people.

God must have a single name this greater and more powerful than all other names. All the people of the world set out to find Gods name and each of the many seekers is sure that he or she alone has found the right name, the only name, for God. Finally, they come togetherand at last learn what Gods name really is.

In Gods Name is a spiritual celebration of all people of the world and their belief in one God.

Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, author of the award-winning Gods Paintbrush, In Gods Name, For Heavens Sake, Cain & Abel (all Jewish Lights), Butterflies Under Our Hats and other books, is rabbi of Congregation Beth-El Zedeck in Indianapolis. She is active in the interfaith community and has written and lectured on the renewal of spirituality and the discovery of religious imagination in children of all faiths.


Generi Bambini e Ragazzi » Narrativa » Narrativa » Libri per Conoscere » Religioni e fedi , Famiglia Scuola e Università » Libri Scuola

Editore Jewish Lights Publishing

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 02/12/2011

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781580235402

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In God

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