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Inner Spark
Inner Spark

Inner Spark

Kristin Vikjord
pubblicato da Pan Macmillan

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'Inner Spark is a book that will help you move through difficult times, and remind you of your own greatness.' Deepak Chopra Change is inevitable, but how can we learn to navigate struggle and appreciate how emotions ebb and flow? Kristin Vikjord presents a practical toolkit of exercises to help find, regain and nurture your inner spark. Drawing on her experiences as a Clinical Psychologist and yoga and mindfulness facilitator, Kristin combines these complimentary, integrative therapies for a book that has the scientific mind of a psychologist and the heart and soul of yoga teacher. In Inner Spark, Kristin offers eight 'prescriptions for wellbeing' including practical activities that match up to the three sections of the book: normalization; clarification and agency. She explains how pathways in the brain work, showing how, and crucially why, it's important for anyone navigating a difficult time, physically or mentally, to have a toolkit for re-connection. Kristin Vikjord has effectively harnessed the long Scandinavian winters to stoke her own inner spark and created this guide that will help readers embrace the challenges of modern life, from burnout to navigating new parenthood.

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This book makes the radical but liberating suggestion that cultivating psychological health might be less a war we need to wage with ourselves, in this case to make suffering stop, and more about making peace with our embodied experience right now as it is. The author contends that we may be able to trust our body more than we are given to think and that we can rely our embodied experience to help us navigate toward psychological wellbeing. These are the kinds of ideas we need at this time. -- David Emerson YACEP, TCTSY-F, Director The Center for Trauma and Embodiment at JRI, author Trauma-Sensitive Yoga in Therapy and co-author Overcoming Trauma through Yoga Articulately weaving psychology with yoga, clinical psychologist Kristin Vikjord has crafted a guide to your emotional competence. Her book is here to help you intelligently reveal your own inner spark and experience more luminosity in every area of your life. -- Elena Brower, bestselling author of Practice You, A Journal Inner Spark is a guide to reclaiming our sanity and presence, in a world which is in a hurry. Down to earth, and heart opening this book full of personal stories and practical methods, will revive that flickering spark within you. A precious gem to carry with you always. -- Lama Tsultrim Allione author of Wisdom Rising: Journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine What can we do when we feel overwhelmed and lose our zest for life? This guide offers practical answers. It's full of proven practices from yogic, meditative, psychotherapeutic, and scientific traditions that anyone can use to rejuvenate their life. Written personally and honestly by a young woman psychologist leading a full life as a mother, therapist, and teacher, it's chock full of practical wisdom that can help us not only survive, but to flourish during difficult times. -- Ronald D. Siegel, Psy.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School and author, The Mindfulness Solution: Everyday Practices for Everyday Problems Inner Spark offers tools and insights that will help you get unstuck from the turmoil of your mind, and find the thread back to your true nature. Kristin elegantly weaves contemporary psychology with essential teachings of mindfulness, into a beautiful and practical guidance book. Being a psychologist as well as embedded in insight teachings, Kristin is a leading voice in contemporary spirituality -- Lea Loncar MS Psychology, Founder fo Zenit Yoga and Samvid Yoga, NTNU University of Trondheim Lecturer and author All of us have an innate sense of wellbeing and joy. Kristin Vikjord makes this abundantly clear in her book Inner Spark. Kristin Vikjord has a very readable, relatable and lively writing style. The reader is skillfully guided how to re-ignite their 'Inner Spark' through easy to adopt changes and techniques, including yoga. . . for anyone who wants to realize their inner potential to be happy. -- Shirley Telles MBBS, MPhil, PhD (Neurophysiology), DSc (Yoga),Director, Patanjali Research Foundation, Haridwar, India Kristin Vikjord's book bursts from the mind of a psychologist and the soul of a powerful teacher, as deep as the Nordic waters. Kristin has a unique, healing, and important voice. I highly recommend it. -- Max Strom, speaker, breathing teacher and author of A Life Worth Breathing and There is No App for Happiness Inner Spark is a book that will help you move through difficult times, and remind you of your own greatness. -- Deepak Chopra, MD author, Metahuman: Unleashing Your Infinite Potential


Generi Health & Lifestyle » Self Help , Mind, Body & Spirit » Self Help » Thought & Practice

Editore Pan Macmillan

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 17/09/2020

Pagine 256

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781529043594

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Inner Spark

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