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Who else wants to feel more loved on the inside? Inner Sunshine is a metaphor for this. Inner Sunshine is our capacity to feel bouncy and "light;" such that, the "slings and arrows of outrageous fortune" roll off us like "water off a duck's back." Neuro-transmitters (NTs) are the neuro-chemistry of Inner Sunshine.

A "seesaw" exists in our UNconscious. One on either end, "misery" and "sunshine" go up and down, back and forth. If you prefer imagine this as a tug-of-war, back and forth. As one gains strength, the other must weaken and vice versa. Misery blocks us from making Inner Sunshine. The game of Inner Sunshine can be conceived of simply: Release inner misery, nurture methods of self-connection; and, if you put in the time, more Inner Sunshine results.

The Outer Game of Inner Sunshine can be conceived of as physical support: high quality protein and clear metabolic pathways to assimilate it.

The mental-emotional aspect can be conceived of as:
- Willingness in our UNconscious to make more Neuro-transmitters while we sleep.

Two Energy Medicine aspects to address can be conceived of as:
- Willingness to release stress from our optical nerves where they connect with our brain stem and occiput brain Area.

- Feeling worthy in the UNconscious to see inwardly.

What I learned was my UNconscious was plenty smart enuf to block production of NTs if it feels either unsafe to make them; or, does not trust the purposes my conscious chooser Self will put more Sunshine to.

Lack of feeling safe between Conscious Self and Immune System Self stops production of NTs. Lack of trust in our unconscious about what uses more Inner Sunshine will be put to stops production of NTs. Fortunately, but little know to the public, innovative holistic practitioners have been addressing and resolving exactly these issues since 1985 (

We make the majority (80%?) of our neurotransmitters only while sleeping. This means 50% or more of how we make neurotransmitters (NTs) is unconscious, governed by "willingness" and "willingness to heal."

This is the first book I know of written on NTs from the above perspective.

We all wish to make more Inner Sunshine. The fairy tale image of "spinning straw into gold" helps us grasp the process. As an individual takes their ordinary, hum-drum, routine, human experience--the "straw"--and works with it inwardly and creatively, we glean, thresh, distill, spin the gold of wisdom out of the ordinary, out of our mundane human experiences. This is the great potential of our ordinary human experiences (straw), to spin them into the gold of more Inner Sunshine.

For those who can self-test (Muscle Testing 2.0), self-assessment experiments are shred here Did you know you can test for, balance and increase your production of neurotransmitters and endorphins?

In both the 1980s and early 2000s even optimal diet and amino acid supplements did not produce expected NT production in about 50% of individuals. Only with self-connection and some form of self-testing can the other 50% of NT production deficits be reached: willingness to make and have more inner vision and Sunshine in our UNconscious.

A two-pronged approach is useful. Use iNtuitive Thinking to learn about about amino acids, metabolic pathways and the like. Use iNtuitive Feeling to sense internal parts, voices, feelings, listen to them, if they are burdened, unburden them, build more inner connections and positive frames on all aspects of inner vision.


Generi Salute Benessere Self Help » Self Help

Editore Bruce Dickson

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 13/10/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9780463964187

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Inner Sunshine, How to Make More; The Simple Complexity of Our Unconscious, 2nd Ed.

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