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With a surprising optimism about the future of Latin America, Andres Oppenheimer reveals in this book the keys to success in the twenty-first century, in which innovation and creativity are the pillars of progress.

What should we do, as individuals and countries, to be more creative and thrive in the innovation economy? What should countries do to produce world-class innovators like Steve Jobs?

To explore these questions, award-winning journalist Andres Oppenheimer went to Silicon Valley and other top innovation centers, and interviewed some of the world's most successful innovators.

Among others, Oppenheimer tells the story of Pep Guardiola, the coach who led Barcelona's soccer team to its most glorious seasons; chef Gaston Acurio, who transformed Peruvian food into an engine of economic growth for his country; Bre Pettis, the U.S. entrepreneur who revolutionized the 3D printing industry; Salman Khan, the American teacher who created the ground-breaking Khan Academy free online education website, and Sir Richard Branson, the British music and airline tycoon whose Virgin Galactic company is venturing into the space tourism industry.

From these personal stories, with his usual clarity and insightful style, Oppenheimer arrives at a series of specific conclusions on how to succeed in the knowledge economy and trigger a new wave of innovation across the world.


"Riveting... Oppenheimer's investigative skills are considerable and his story sense wonderful." -The Los Angeles Times-

"A wonderfully subtle and informed account." -Newsday-

"A fascinating story, rich with detail and painstakingly reported." -The Philadelphia Inquirer-

"Oppenheimer was exhaustive in his research...His reporting is solid and engrossing." -Time-

"Gripping....superb, highly recommended book." -San Diego Union Tribune-

"Oppenheimer's book reads like a thriller." -Mario Vargas Llosa-

"A spectacular job of reporting, investigating and observing." -Bob Woodward-

"Oppenheimer occupies a unique space in the press of the Americas. His journalistic work sets the agenda of political debate" -Le Monde-


Generi Economia Diritto e Lavoro » Management » Competizione economica » Studi generali

Editore Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial México

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 19/02/2016

Lingua Spagnolo

EAN-13 9786073141505

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Innovate or Die!

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