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Inspired! How to Be More Original, Insightful and Productive in Your Work

Marcia Yudkin
pubblicato da Marcia Yudkin

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What's wrong with you is what's right with you.

To get more done, slow down and sleep more.

When you don't know something, believe what feels like a guess.

These are just a few of the eye-opening, empowering concepts in Inspired! How to Be More Original, Insightful and Productive in Your Work.

Grounded in psychological studies, historical examples and testing with frustrated writers and artists, Inspired! offers paradoxes that turn your creative blocks upside down and your hidden strengths right side up.

Whether you're a struggling entrepreneur, a seasoned craftsperson whose productivity has lagged or someone who wishes you were more inventive in the kitchen, discover how to charge up your ingenuity and enjoy a bounty of results.

The book includes tips, anecdotes, research and advice on topics like these:

* Inspiration: Enjoy the help of the Muses whenever you need them.

* Talent: Claim your idiosyncratic strengths and sensory smarts.

* Intuition: Zig or zag? Confidently rely on your inner signals.

* Time: You have enough time! Trust your unique way of getting more done.

* Solutions: Profit from boundless ideas and beginner's luck.

* Failure: Learn why mistakes are the portals of originality.

"In Inspired! Marcia Yudkin provides a myriad of user-friendly creativity catalysts, excellent tips and action steps, practical ways to access your inner knowing, and paradigms that get you on the road to mastery. The book also has marvelous vignettes of well-known creators who offer fascinating lessons for the reader. I had a hard time putting it down. Enjoy!" Gail McMeekin, author, The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women and other books

Author Marcia Yudkin's 16 other books on business and communication include a Book-of-the-Month Club Selection and two featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. She led creativity workshops for many years in Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her work has appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Wall St. Journal, Business 2.0, Entrepreneur and on National Public Radio.


Generi Salute Benessere Self Help » Self Help , Economia Diritto e Lavoro » Lavoro » Carriere e professioni: consigli

Editore Marcia Yudkin

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 10/05/2015

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781301737222

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Inspired! How to Be More Original, Insightful and Productive in Your Work

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