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International Law for Energy and the Environment

Patricia Park
pubblicato da CRC Press

Prezzo online:

This revised edition of Energy Law and the Environment considers how international and national legislation now requires the energy sector to focus more on sustainability and the circular economy in response to new policies at both international and national levels. It explores how environmental law engages with multinational companies regarding energy sources, ownership of those resources, and state sovereignty. Written for all the players in the energy sector, lawyers and non-lawyers alike, this third edition considers the issues of energy sector regulation related to economics and protection of intellectual property associated with the development of technologies for mitigating environmentally damaging emissions. It has been updated throughout and adds new and fully revised chapters on subjects, including climate change, human rights, renewable energy, and energy law in China.


  • Updated throughout and adds new and fully revised chapters

  • Focuses on the global trends and mandates towards environmental sustainability

  • Examines the latest international legislation involving climate change

  • Includes the coverage of oil and gas industries, as well as nuclear and renewable energy

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International Law for Energy and the Environment

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