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The Two Drovers 
By Sir Walter Scott 
Mr. Deuceace 
By W. M. Thackeray 
The Brothers 
Edward Bulmer Lytton 
Doctor Manette's Manuscript 
By Charles Dickens 
The Caldron of Oil 
By Wilkie Collins 
The Burial of the Tithe 
By Samuel Lover 
The Knightsbridge Mystery 
By Charles Reade 
The Courting of Dinah Shadd 
By Rudyard Kipling 
The Sire De Maletroit's Door 
By R. L. Stevenson 
The Secret of Goresthorpe Grange 
By Sir A. Conan Doyle 
A Change of Treatment 
By W. W. Jacobs 
The Stickit Minister 
By S. R. Crockett 
The Lammas Preaching 
By S. R. Crockett 
An Undergraduate's Aunt 
By F. Anstey 
The Silhouettes 
By A. T. Quiller-couch 
My Brother Henry 
By J. M. Barrie 
Gilray's Flower Pot 
By J. M. Barrie 
Mr. O'leary's Second Love 
By Charles Lever 
The Indifference of the Miller of Hofbau 
By Anthony Hope Hawkins 
The Stolen Body 
By H. G. Wells 
The Lazarette of the "Huntress" 
By W. Clark Russell 
The Great Triangular Duel 
By Captain Frederick Marryat 
Three Thimbles and A Pea 
By George Borrow 

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International Short Stories (English Stories)

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