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Introducing the MySQL 8 Document Store
Introducing the MySQL 8 Document Store

Introducing the MySQL 8 Document Store

Sir Charles Bell
pubblicato da APress

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Learn the new Document Store feature of MySQL 8 and build applications around a mix of the best features from SQL and NoSQL database paradigms. Don't allow yourself to be forced into one paradigm or the other, but combine both approaches by using the Document Store. MySQL 8 was designed from the beginning to bridge the gap between NoSQL and SQL. Oracle recognizes that many solutions need the capabilities of both. More specifically, developers need to store objects as loose collections of schema-less documents, but those same developers also need the ability to run structured queries on their data. With MySQL 8, you can do both! Introducing the MySQL 8 Document Store presents new tools and features that make creating a hybrid database solution far easier than ever before. This book covers the vitally important MySQL Document Store, the new X Protocol for developing applications, and a new client shell called the MySQL Shell. Also covered are supporting technologies and concepts such as JSON, schema-less documents, and more. The book gives insight into how features work and how to apply them to get the most out of your MySQL experience. The book covers topics such as: The headline feature in MySQL 8 MySQL's answer to NoSQL New APIs and client protocols What You'll Learn Create NoSQL-style applications by using the Document Store Mix the NoSQL and SQL approaches by using each to its best advantage in a hybrid solution Work with the new X Protocol for application connectivity in MySQL 8 Master the new X Developer Application Programming Interfaces Combine SQL and JSON in the same database and application Migrate existing applications to MySQL Document Store Who This Book Is For Developers and database professionals wanting to learn about the most profound paradigm-changing features of the MySQL 8 Document Store


Generi Computers & Web » Databases » Programming Languages

Editore Apress

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 21/06/2018

Pagine 532

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781484227244

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Introducing the MySQL 8 Document Store

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