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Invisible Victims and the Pursuit of Justice

pubblicato da IGI Global

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Victims of crime may experience a wide variety of traumas that result in physical, sexual, financial, psychological, emotional, and/or social consequences. While the types of trauma can vary greatly and include lesser-known forms such as vicarious and secondary trauma, identifying and recognizing victims can be complicated. Throughout this book, experts and professionals from academia and the fields of criminal justice, social work, and mental health acknowledge victims historically overlooked by society, political movements, the media, and/or the criminal justice system - we acknowledge the invisible victims. Invisible Victims and the Pursuit of Justice: Analyzing Frequently Victimized Yet Rarely Discussed Populations pioneers the assertion that our view of victims needs to be more inclusive by exploring invisible victims that are rarely, if ever, a focus of discussions in traditional victimology textbooks. To educate the reader and begin working toward positive change, each chapter identifies an invisible victim and provides the background, controversies, issues, solutions, and areas of future research. It is crucial to identify these gaps in the field as some of the most victimized populations remain absent from important dialogue on crime victims. This book is appropriate for a wide range of readership including but not limited to criminologists, victim service providers, psychologists, sociologists, social workers, advocate groups, law enforcement, lawyers, defense attorneys, criminal justice practitioners, academicians, researchers, and students studying criminology, criminal justice, victimology, social work, psychology, and social justice.

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Invisible Victims and the Pursuit of Justice

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