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Italy and Its Discontents
Italy and Its Discontents

Italy and Its Discontents

pubblicato da Palgrave USA

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A major bestseller in Italy, Paul Ginsborg's account of this most recent and dynamic period in Italy's history is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand contemoprary Italy. Ginsborg chronicles a period that witnessed a radical transformation in the country's social, economic and political landscape, creating a fascinating and definitve account of how Italy has coped or failed to cope as it moves from one century to the next. With particular emphasis on its role in italian life, work and culture Ginsborg shows how smaller families, longer lives and greater generation crossover have had significant effects on Italian society. Ginsborg looks at the 2000 elections, the influence of the Mafia, the decline of both Communism and Catholicism, and the change in national identity. This is modern history at its best.

La nostra recensione

A valuable reference for anyone studying or teaching Italian and European politics and society. - W.R. Smith, Choice ...excellent... -Alexander Stille, New York Review of Books ...the book is useful and even entertaining. - Laura Collura Kahn, New York Sun ...his book is valuable...usefully traces the phenomenon of Silvio Berlusconi. - David I. Fulton, Library Journal ...Complex and fertile with 'thick description', [the book] radiates the paradoxes and ironies that abound in a troubled country. - The New York Times Book Review offers a complete portrayal of the textures of Italian society. - Publishers Weekly Italy and its Discontents is a tour-de force. Anyone concerned about the condition of the country will find it packed with material to think about and argue over - The Economist


Generi History » Europe

Editore Palgrave Usa

Formato Paperback / softback

Pubblicato 02/01/2003

Pagine 521

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781403973948

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Italy and Its Discontents

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