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Iulius Africanus Chronographiae - Iulius Africanus
Iulius Africanus Chronographiae - Iulius Africanus

Iulius Africanus Chronographiae

Iulius Africanus
pubblicato da De Gruyter

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Iulius Africanus has rightly been called the Father of Christian Chronography . His world chronicle is one of the few works of Christian literature pioneering a new genre. Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages mainly articulated their reflection on history in the form of the world chronicle. The work has not been preserved in its entirety; the extant fragments have to be laboriously pieced together from the works of later authors. To date, there has not been a critical edition of this material, and the edition in use today dates back nearly 200 years (J.M. Routh 1814). This new edition in the GCS series closes an old gap in the programme of this series - and at the same time marks a new beginning, because this is the first edition ever in this series to be published with an English translation. The edition establishes a completely new foundation for our knowledge of Early Christian historical thinking, and in addition provides an important component in our understanding of an important epoch, the Imperial Crisis of the 3rd century, in which the new world of Late Antiquity began to develop out of the Hellenic-Roman heritage.

La nostra recensione

Martin Walraff and his team are to be congratulated for producing an absolutely first-rate edition of the fragments of the Chronograhiae. It sets a new standard for the ?state of the art' in such work.Alden A. Mosshammer in: Gnomon 7.80/2009 Zusammenfassend sei der vorliegende Sammelband alleine schon deshalb zur Lekture empfohlen, weil der Leser Einblick in einige derzeit laufende oder jungst abgeschlossene Editionsprojekte bekommt. Marcus Sigismund in: Gymnasium 5/2008 Insgesamt liegt uns nun mit dieser neuen Edition der Chronographiae ein Werk vor, das grosste Bewunderung verdient. Die Textmenge ist im Vergleich zur Ausgabe Rouths auf etwa das Doppelte angestiegen und umfasst nun 100 Fragmente. Diese mustergultig zuganglich gemacht zu haben, ist das bleibende Verdienst der Herausgeber unter der Leitung von Wallraff. Alexander Weiss in: Der eindruckvolle Band schliesst mit einem ausfuhrlichen Stellenindex. Robert Rollinger in: Anzeiger fur die Altertumswissenschaft 1-2/2007

Dettagli down

Generi Religion » Christianity , Social Sciences » Sociology

Editore De Gruyter

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 17/09/2007

Pagine 441

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9783110194937

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Iulius Africanus Chronographiae

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