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Mia Lannigan has everything to lose. Tyrannous Grave will see that she does.

For the first time in her short memory, Mia's life is normal. Having defeated the Sons of Coffins Croft, she has finally found a balance between school, friends, and her clandestine training in magic. Her only complaint is that she's had very little contact with the friends from her abnormal life.

So when Jack Lantern shows up at her school, she expects to finally get some answers. But Jack carries with him terrible news: a silent coup has uprooted the Council of Eternals. Before Mia can come to terms with the new threat, Jack is arrested, and she is forced to choose between what is normal and what is right.

But the head of this coup is a menace Mia hoped they'd already vanquished. And this time, he'll put her powers to their greatest test yet.


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Jack Lantern 3

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