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Jake's Adventures: The Secret of the Shark Tooth Crab Claw

Melissa Perry Moraja
pubblicato da Melissa Productions, Inc.

Prezzo online:

A Fossil Treasure Hunt. A Shark Tooth Crab Claw. And a Lizard-looking Captain. All in a Day of Jake's Adventure! It's school vacation and Jake heads to the beach with his family, ready to explore the ocean! But not before his parents review the RULES. But that's the least of his worries. When a surfer dude shares that a mysterious sea creature has been caught in a fishing net, Jake sets out to rescue it! But in order for Jake to do that he has to include his annoying brother and tattletaling sister in his secret plan. Will Jake rescue the trapped sea creature? Will Jake's younger twin siblings reveal his secret plan? Or will there be more RULES that put a damper on Jake's Adventures? Jake's Adventures will take children into a magical world through the eyes of real life boy who is not only living it, but trying to solve it. These stories are full of adventure, exploration, discovery, and the imagination of a child and mom. Children's classic humor chapter book. The Wunderkind Family is a family of prodigy siblings--a genius sixth-sense boy, a superhuman twin boy, and a twin girl who can see and hear her guardian angel. Target age 6-12 years old.

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