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Jakes: A dark comedy about a detective's quest to sleep off a hangover

Nick James
pubblicato da Nick James

Prezzo online:

From the twisted and ridiculous mind of Nick James comes a comedically dark film-noir inspired play involving liquor, love, murder, betrayal, and the ultimate quest to sleep off a hangover. Jakes is a combination of TV's Sawyer from LOST and Chandler from Friends. He doesn't care what you think of him. All he cares about is drinking, sleeping off his hangover, and then drinking some more. Evita is a stereotypical femme fatale, who uses men and looks good doing it. Harold is a world class boxer, who doesn't understand a lot of things, but understands how hard his fist can hit.

Jakes meets Evita and Harold while he was drinking way too much after closing a big case. The next morning, Jakes wakes up with a massive hangover, but Evita comes by the office and just won't leave. She wants him to kill her husband and thinks seducing Jakes is the way to convince him to do it. Jakes obliges - partially. Harold comes by and wants Jakes to find out if his wife is cheating on him. Jakes tells him yes, she is, he slept with her 30 minutes ago and she wants him to kill Harold. The naive boxer laughs and hires Jakes anyway. Buy the book to see how it ends.

Now is your chance to read the first published play from Nick James. He doesn't see things the way you and I see things. He sees them weird, twisted, and hilarious. Now he is translating his unique vision of the world into stories that will make people think, but mostly laugh.

If you've never read a play before, then let's break it down for you. It's like a novel without all of the exposition. It's straight to the point. Straight to the comedy. Forget the Shakespeare you read when you were a kid. This is a Nick James comedy and it is made for the adult. No kids allowed.

If you have 30-45 minutes, then you have time to read and enjoy Jakes.

And remember - it's Jakes, not Jacks. Jacks is a game you can play, Jakes is a man you can never play!


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Jakes: A dark comedy about a detective

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