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Jephthah's Daughter, Sarah's Son
Jephthah's Daughter, Sarah's Son

Jephthah's Daughter, Sarah's Son

by Maria E. Doerfler
pubblicato da University of California Press

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Late antiquity was a perilous time for children, who were often the first victims of economic crisis, war, and disease. They had a one in three chance of dying before their first birthday, with as many as half dying before age ten. Christian writers accordingly sought to speak to the experience of bereavement and to provide cultural scripts for parents who had lost a child. These late ancient writers turned to characters like Eve and Sarah, Job and Jephthah as models for grieving and for confronting or submitting to the divine. Jephthah's Daughter, Sarah's Son traces the stories these writers crafted and the ways in which they shaped the lived experience of familial bereavement in ancient Christianity. A compelling social history that conveys the emotional lives of people in the late ancient world, Jephthah's Daughter, Sarah's Son is a powerful portrait of mourning that extends beyond antiquity to the present day.

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Theologically astute yet ably interacting with gender theory and social history, this book will interest scholars of early Christianity and biblical interpretation. * CHOICE *


Generi Health & Lifestyle » Diseases & Disorders , Religion » Christianity » Others Oriental Religions » Religion-General & Miscellaneous , History » World History

Editore University Of California Press

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 15/11/2019

Pagine 416

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9780520304154

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