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This book, newly updated, contains the complete novels and stories of Kate Chopin in the chronological order of their original publication.

The Novels:
At Fault
The Awakening

The Short Stories:
Emancipation: A Life Fable
Wiser Than a God
With the Violin
A Point at Issue!
Miss Witherwell's Mistake
A Harbinger
The Maid of Saint Phillipe
The Going Away of Liza
A Little Free-Mulatto
Mrs. Mobry's Reason
A Shameful Affair
Doctor Chevalier's Lie
The Story of an Hour
A No-Account Creole
In and Out of Natchitoches
In Sabine
A Very Fine Fiddle
Beyond the Bayou
Old Aunt Peggy
The Return of Alcibiade
A Rude Awakening
The Bênitous' Slave
Désirée's Baby
A Turkey Hunt
Madame Célestin's Divorce
Love on the Bon-Dieu
Boulôt and Boulotte
For Marse Chouchoute
A Visit to Avoyelles
A Wizard from Gettysburg
Ma'ame Pelagie
At the `Cadian Ball
La Belle Zoraïde
A Gentleman of Bayou Têche
A Lady of Bayou St. John
Two Portraits
The Night Came Slowly
Her Letters
A Respectable Woman
The Kiss
The Unexpected
Two Summers and Two Souls
The Recovery
A Mental Suggestion
A Pair of Silk Stockings
The Locket
A Night in Acadie
After the Winter
A Matter of Prejudice
A Dresden Lady in Dixie
Nég Créol
The Lilies
A Sentimental Soul
Dead Men's Shoes
At Chênière Caminada
Odalie Misses Mass
Tante Cat'rinette
Ripe Figs
Ozème's Holiday
A Morning Walk
An Egyptian Cigarette
Miss McEnders
The Blind Man
Aunt Lympy's Interference
The Gentleman from New Orleans
Elizabeth Stock's One Story
The Storm
A Horse Story
A Reflection
A December Day

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Kate Chopin: The Complete Novels and Stories

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